Bonjour, my name is

Ramzi Bach.

I am a front-end

I am a passionate front-end web developer and UI/UX enthusiast specialized in building stunning pixel-perfect interactive websites/applications.

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01. About

01. About

Hello there! I'm Ramzi, a front-end web developer based near Montreal. I wake up in the morning, grab a cup of timmies coffee, open up my laptop and build things that live on the web all day, everyday. People who know me say i'm obsessed, that's fair, I am very driven and love learning new things.

I have a deep understanding for everything front-end, UI, UX, design principles, etc. I am very comfortable with the core technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React.


  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • HTML
  • CSS & Modules
  • React & Hooks
  • Next.JS
  • Git

01. About

02. Projects

ReactJS Todo

Create Read Update & Delete including LocalStorage utilizing React, Hooks and context. A task manager for checking off responsibilities.

React CSS

Vanilla JS Todo

Create Read Update & Delete including LocalStorage utilizing only vanilla JavaScript. A humble To-Do app ment for storing ideas.


Chef Website

This is from my freelance work, a portfolio website for an private chef.


Meal Generator

A random meal generator for the employees at Thai-Zone St-Hubert.


01. About

03. Contact

I would love to work with you. I am currently available for freelancing and hiring opportunities. Whether you are starting a project, have business inquiries or just want to say hi, my inbox is always open so feel free.